Evening dresses, princess dresses, lace or printed, children's dresses from the Topmarket 123 collections for little girls with a grown-up style. Mini price

Dresses (Kids) (15)

Princess dress for girls, wedding party wear, elegant outfit, embroidered flower pattern, for children - Ref: 1P65N3SC

$29.99 $39.99

Evening dress for girls, floral pattern, princess outfit - Ref: 65EVG0N7


White christening dress for little girls - Ref: 5D5Q76QV


Lace dress for girls 3-8 years - Ref: 15BFS69W


Long-sleeved winter clothing set for girls, shirt and skirt, 2 pieces with bow tie - Ref:

$25.99 $30.99

Floral dresses for children - Ref: 5J5P25YX


2-piece girls clothing sets sleeveless summer outfits + printed bow skirt for children and babies - Ref: 2NT66RK2


Tube skirt for children - Ref: 5J949LRE

$15.99 $23.99

Long sleeve dresses, above the knee in lace for children - Ref: PC6F455R

$59.99 $89.99